Innovative technology with Corian: wireless charger countertops

date added 14/10/2022

Inductive charging is a type of phone charging that relies on electromagnetic induction to provide electricity to portable devices. Inductive charging, most commonly known as wireless or cordless, is ideal for smaller portable and chargeable items such as smartphones.

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What is Avonite and Why is it so Popular?

date added 10/10/2022

Since 1983, Avonite has been a pioneer in solid surfacing, acting as a global leading brand of solid surface products. Avonite was the first to introduce a vibrant, bold spectrum of colours at a time when the solid surface industry consisted of primarily pale neutrals. It is used in numerous sectors, including: public domestic living spaces, hospitality, retail, education, transportation, healthcare, and many other workspaces.

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How to choose the right kitchen worktop for you

date added 05/10/2022

For many, the kitchen is the heart of their home, which is why your kitchen worktop must be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Finding the right balance is a difficult task, and with so many options on the market, the choices are endless. Minimal options like style and colour are simple decisions that depend entirely on looks, but the determining the original material is much more important. The material chosen for your worktop lays the base for the entire look and feel of your kitchen. As industry experts in the fabrication of solid surface materials, we have put together a quick summary of what’s on offer, to help guide you in choosing the right kitchen material.

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"Great job thanks. I've done the job for over 30 years but not sold Corian for a long time. It's inspired me to sell in the future so look forward to working with you again". - July 2019

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