The beauty and warmth from a real flame fire set into a wide variety of designs and colours of Corian. The IDEAL Bio Flame fires are totally eco-friendly  not using fossil fuels they run on bioethanol which is manufactured from plant waste and a by product from sugar beet production, they do not produce any soot or smoke and the fuel is carbon neutral. When lit they produce the same carbon dioxide output as a person and hence do not need any special chimney or ventilation but at the same time will produce the equivalent heat output of an electric fan heater.

Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment while staying warm on the colder nights but you will also have a unique piece of furniture hand made in our factory that gives a pleasing, warming real flame effect that you can move from room to room as required or even to take outside for that summer night BBQ where you could just do with that little extra warmth.


The IDEAL Bio Flame  retails from as little as £595.00, requires no installation and are ready to fill up with fuel, light and go! Bioethanol fuel is available in one litre bottles for £3.00 each and depending on the size of the IDEAL Bio Flame chosen a litre will last up to 4 hours producing a heat output of 2kw, our larger fires will require more fuel  but will give a burn time of up to 10 hours while producing a heat output of up to 6.5kw. The IDEAL Bio Flame requires minimum maintenance and as the fuel burns with 98% efficiency they produce no residue as well as no smoke or soot and are ideal for any geographical areas that are designated smoke free.

Bioethanol fires  are extremely safe if the instructions are carefully followed and consideration is taken in the placing of the fire to ensure it is away from any items such as curtains or fabrics that may blow in a breeze and catch the naked flame. Never fill up your fire when it is hot, ensure the fire has been extinquished and has cooled down completely prior to refilling and always ensure that any spillages are immediately cleaned up and allowed to dry before lighting the fire. Always light your fire with a long match or taper or specifically designed fire lighter and do not let any debris fall into the fire chamber as this may affect it's efficiency.

(Prices are inclusive of VAT at the current prevailing rate which is 20% on the fires and 5% on the bioethanol fuel)

IDEAL Bio Fires

Our range of Bio Fires available in 100 different colours of Corian.

IDEAL Bio-E-1.5



IDEAL Bio Flame Patio Tables

Patio Tables in Corian Glacier White with Black industrial legs incorporating a 4.92kw fire

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