Creating curves and shapes

Corian and other solid surfaces have no memory so they can be heated to temperatures of 165ºc and then formed into different shapes and either held in place by clamps or by the use of our vacuum press. Once the material has cooled it will then hold its new shape, it will not spring back. This enables a flat sheet of material to be transformed into three dimensional shapes and curves allowing great freedom for designers and architects to use solid surfaces to achieve their dreams and imagination.

Ideal Surfaces have a large combination thermoforming oven and vacuum press that can handle sheets of material upto 2600mm x 1100mm and we can make our owns jigs by using the latest curvomatic forming system or by carving from MDF blocks. this enables us to take on very large complex thermoforming requirements such as the 17 metre long curved wall and seating arrangement shown in the photo opposite.

What clients say

"Great job thanks. I've done the job for over 30 years but not sold Corian for a long time. It's inspired me to sell in the future so look forward to working with you again". - July 2019

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