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When Mr & Mrs M were both out for the day, Mrs M came home to find her house filled with smoke. While they had been out their electric toaster developed a fault and caught fire. The kitchen door to the hall was closed as were all the windows and if the toaster had been sitting on a material that was more combustible than Corian, things could have been so much worse. Warwickshire Fire Service who attended believe that the Corian, because of it's high resistance to flame, together with the lack of airflow did not allow the fire to grow and almost acted like a blanket and smothered the flames causing severe damage to the Corian and some local smoke damage but saved the rest of the house.

This is where Ideal Surfaces came in and due to the seamless nature of the material and the fact that the customer had kept their spare piece of material that is guaranteed to be of the same colour batch, we were able to router out the old damaged section of the worktop and replace it with the spare piece of material and polish it up so that even after 8 years the worktop looks new again.

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"Great job thanks. I've done the job for over 30 years but not sold Corian for a long time. It's inspired me to sell in the future so look forward to working with you again". - July 2019

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