Inductive charging is a type of phone charging that relies on electromagnetic induction to provide electricity to portable devices. Inductive charging, most commonly known as wireless or cordless, is ideal for smaller portable and chargeable items such as smartphones.

Wireless charging with Corian

Corian worktops are unique in their ability to offer wireless charging in all of their countertops, regardless of colour, style, and pattern. Most wireless charging pads still need to be plugged into an outlet, however when choosing to integrate with your countertop, you negate this need and in turn, keep your countertop looking neat and tidy. A transmitter sits in a hollowed space beneath the countertop, using an electromagnetic field to transfer energy to the phone for that very spot. Most newer smartphone models have the capability for wireless charging, including the Apple iPhone 8 and above, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 and above. If you have an older model, a small attachment is provided to ensure you receive the full benefits of the charging countertop.

Why choose Corian?

Smart charging

Overcharging lithium batteries inevitably leads to irreversible damage to the components and causes not only weak battery life but also an unsafe phone battery. Wireless charging with Corian is a safe option for your phone, protecting the longevity of your battery, as the transmitter stops charging when your battery is at full capacity.

Inductive material

Unlike other solid surface materials, Corian solid surface is an inductive material through which energy can permeate through in order to provide wireless charging. Because of this, your charging spot can be placed on an area of the countertop that suits you, whether that’s on the corner for easy access or in the middle to reduce the risk of it being knocked off. 

Choice of colours

Corian is an alumina-trihydrate-based surface material, combining one-part acrylic polymer with two parts natural mineral. Corian solid surface is available in 103 colours, meaning no matter your style, there will be an option for you. Corian colours stay vibrant for years, with fading only occurring after decades of steady use. Corian is manufactured in such a way that colour remains consistent throughout, and the pattern is distributed evenly, meaning no matter how the surface is cut your countertop will always look its best. 

Wireless charging systems are an easy addition to your home, taking less time and effort for yourself. Choosing a wireless charging system within your Corian countertop, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, means choosing style and efficiency. Find out more on the benefits of Corian as a solid surface material, or get in touch on 01455 619114 or email us at [email protected].

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What clients say

"Great job thanks. I've done the job for over 30 years but not sold Corian for a long time. It's inspired me to sell in the future so look forward to working with you again". - July 2019

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