What is solid surface?

The name of this type of material might seem too on the nose for its own good, you’d be forgiven for assuming it quite literally means a solid surface, as opposed to some kind of liquid or gas alternative but, in fact, solid surface is the name given to a type of manufactured material. Not entirely dissimilar in feel and appearance to natural materials such as granite or stone, solid surface materials are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms for countertops, basins and so on. These materials are made up of a single matrix, which in layman’s terms means that if you were to sand it down (which you can do!) it would look identical all the way through.

Why is it perfect for bathrooms?


As mentioned, solid surface materials are non-porous which in essence makes the materials antibacterial. Bacteria cannot penetrate the surface of the material, giving it no place to thrive and grow, which leads to the much-feared mould outbreaks. Bacteria is only able to exist on the surface of these materials, where they can easily be wiped clean and no further issues develop. Because solid surface materials are impermeable, the material cannot become damp, discoloured or stained by water meaning the material retains not only its structural hygiene but also its appearance of cleanliness as it retains its colour. The resistance to damage from bacteria growth contributes to the longevity of these materials, which is further enhanced by the fact that the range of solid surface materials available at Ideal Surfaces are all repairable and renewable.

Seamless join

Unlike other bathroom materials, solid surface materials face no restrictions from sheet size or the shape of the products; they can be moulded perfectly into any number of beautiful and soothing shapes. This material has a beautiful quality of being able to be joined inconspicuously and achieve a stunning, seamless finish. Though the appearance of such a feature is attractive enough, it is also important to note that without having to connect a number of sheets, there is less opportunity for bacteria to find its way into the structure and allow mould to develop, so solid surface materials’ defence against bathroom bacteria continues.


It is also interesting to note that solid surface materials can withstand heat up to 160°C which, when compared to the average 60°C heat that bathroom water temperature usually never surpasses, is above and beyond what would be necessary.


There is perhaps nowhere in the world that a person wants to feel more clean than in the bathroom Whether your fresh from the shower or brushing your teeth, your bathroom having an air of cleanliness contributes to how you feel about your own cleanliness. The market around removing deeply embedded grime and mould from a bathroom is and always has been a thriving one, we all fall victim to thinking we need every black mould spray, toilet bleach, and three scents of bathroom spray but the simple reason we do so is because people want a clean bathroom, but the heat and nature of the space mean that upkeep of hygienic practices are a daily or weekly battle. With solid surface materials, part of the battle is already won because solid surface materials can be wiped clean.

For all of these reasons, they truly are perfect for bathrooms. Get in touch with us to discuss your bathroom project by calling us on 01455 619114, emailing us at [email protected], or filling in our online enquiry form.

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