What is Avonite?

Since 1983, Avonite has been a pioneer in solid surfacing, acting as a global leading brand of solid surface products. Avonite was the first to introduce a vibrant, bold spectrum of colours at a time when the solid surface industry consisted of primarily pale neutrals. It is used in numerous sectors, including: public domestic living spaces, hospitality, retail, education, transportation, healthcare, and many other workspaces.


Why is Avonite so popular?

Optimum Durability

Avonite is a highly durable solid material, lasting for decades in its imperishable condition. Avonite worktops are intricately designed to incorporate various fixtures, such as sinks, emphasising their highly workable function. It is thermoformable; the thermoforming process allows for that seamless, slick finish, no matter what shape or design. Avonite’s optimum durability makes it perfect for high-impact applications.


Efficient Hygiene

The luxurious design resin material of Avonite provides a strong and smooth surface, making it extremely easy to clean and maintain great hygiene. Its non-porous nature means bacteria is unable to permeate the surface, ensuring high cleanliness at all times. This makes Avonite perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, particular environments where hygiene is crucial to upkeep and maintain. Hence, Avonite is highly suitable and well-suited for a vast array of architectural design, including: countertops, vanity tops, wet rooms, counters and desks, and many other accessories. With Avonite, you can keep clean effortlessly.


Wide Colour Spectrum

Avonite is committed to providing you with limitless choices, supporting your needs and desires for your unique countertop. Avonite offers a broad palette of colours and designs, making the desired colour available to you for every project. Inspired by versatility, the designs can be used in many applications - vertical or horizontal, applied in straight or curved lines, or thermoformed into a myriad of structures and shapes, all with a seamless finish. Picking your perfect colour can be difficult, so if you would like to visualise your unique solid surface more easily, you can request an Avonite colour sample.


Endless Unique Designs

If you are looking to add that little bit extra to your surface, Avonite has a choice of endless unique designs, tailored to meet your desires to help your worktop stand out. Not only does Avonite have a large spectrum of colours, Avonite also offers a range of exciting designs, including: sparkling metallics, natural neutrals, and brilliant chromas. Created from a variety of proprietary resin blends, Avonite’s striking and bold design line stands out from all other surface choices. Its unique combination of transparent, translucent, and opaque polymers, are blended to create an infinite realm of design possibilities.


As a durable surface, Avonite has been a popular choice for more than 30 years. If you choose Avonite, you are choosing an efficient, durable option, combining its great practical use with unique design possibilities. For more information on using Avonite solid surfaces in your home, call us on 01455 619114, email us at [email protected], or fill in our online enquiry form.


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